Welcome to the official website of the Colorado Sand Creek Massacre Commemoration Commission. Here you will find information on how the Commemoration Commission plans to help honor the 150th anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre.

Download the 150th Commemoration and 16th Annual Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run Schedule or click here for more information

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  1. My wife and I are planning our trip from Seattle to the 150th Memorial of Sand Creek, Is there a list of updated events that happen that weekend, We would like to reserve rooms near where these events will happen (Sand Creek or Denver), We only have a short window open and will have to be back on the road on the 30th or the 1st. Thank You , Frank

  2. I am a sixth generation Coloradan. I learned the truth about the Sand Creek Massacre from my father when I was a little boy. My father did not shy away from the truth. Two of my ancestors rode with Chivington on that horrible day, Porter M. Hinman and his brother, Platte Hinman. They were under the command of Captain Nichols as part of the Boulder volunteers. The irony of their participation was that their father, Porter T. Hinman was a friend of Left Hand. My father could not forgive Porter M. and Platte for being a part of the slaughter. Porter T. Hinman felt the same. He left the family ranch/farm on Left Hand Creek. He rode to the Little Snake River to be with his youngest son, Frank A. Hinman. There Porter T. Hinman died.

    I have a strong love for the Arapaho and the Blue Sky People. I am a writer and poet. I worked for a year on a poem about the Sand Creek Massacre. It is titled, Song of Sand Creek. I would be honored to read it. Better yet, I would be honored to have it read by a descendent – Arapaho or Cheyenne.


    • Mr. Hinman: My name is Jeff Campbell, I’m the ex-officio historian at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. I’d really like to touch base with you and discuss your ancestors. Please contact me. Sincerely, Jeff C.

  3. Hello, my name is Rodney Hobbs. I am a songwriter/musician and have written a song entitled “Sand Creek Massacre”! This song was approved by descendants of Sand Creek Massacre and published in 2000/2001 for the Sand Creek Massacre Decendants Trust Organization.
    My wife and I will be attending the 150th Ceremony and would be honored to sing this song at the ceremony! Here is a link to a YouTube video of me playing this song at the Sand Creek Massacre site!!

    Please contact me via e-mail if interested!!
    Thank you,
    Rodney Hobbs

    NOVEMBER 28-29, 1864
    “Your Roman Nose has counted the first coup on the longest-faced white man who was ever killed!”
    Spoken by Roman Nose

    It was a cold morning for murder,
    White Union cavalry troops drunk and vitriolic,
    came stealthy into a sleepy Cheyenne and Arapaho village.
    With ‘bravery’ they shot down women, children
    in their mother’s arms, old men too old to ride out
    for the buffalo kill, young warriors who overslept that day.
    The creek bed would soon be filled
    with the oozing of American Indian blood,
    And that blood would continue to flow into streams
    of African American, Latin, Vietnamese, Iraqi
    and Afghanistan blood, A world of rivers and tributaries of loss,
    obscured by reports from the White House
    and its corporate media machine,
    After all, they prefer a Gobbles over a poet who wrote
    about the burning and sacking of Troy.

    Would Homer have created an Iliad and Odyssey out
    of this: the plunder of the winter tipis, the scalping
    of the dead— even children and infants.
    The Union soldiers dressing-up their rifles
    with human fetuses, Indian male and female genitalia…
    The cold, indifferent November morning being
    the soldiers and officers’ alibi for not killing more.
    Back in Denver, they would display their ‘battle trophies’
    of human remains in the Apollo Theater and
    the citizens’ vulgar saloons.
    Where was Achilles or Ajax among the victors?

    On this freezing November evening with stars blinking,
    I think of the spirits of the great Indian dead
    at Sand Creek… I hear the grieving Shostakovitch’s
    Seventh symphony play in and through the windowpanes,
    reminding me of who we are.

    Luis Lázaro Tijerina, Burlington, Vermont

  5. I just watched the excellent program “Colorado Experience: Sand Creek Massacre”
    by Rocky Mountain PBS on YouTube. It rekindled a long time interest about this historical event that I’ve had since I was a kid It got me to thinking that now might be a good time to start the process of changing the name of Colorado’s highest peak from the governor who contributed to this massacre to a name honoring the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes. It might be another step in the healing process.

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